Masterpiece Tibetan Singing Bowl

Masterpiece Tibetan Singing Bowl
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Masterpiece Tibetan Singing Bowl


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Authentic Tibetan Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which greatly enhances and naturally assists one in entering into meditation with the ultimate goal reaching enlightenment. They are a quintessential aid to meditation, and can be found on private Buddhist altars, and in temples, monasteries and meditation halls throughout the world.

Playing the bells causes an immediate centering effect. The tones set up a "frequency following response" that creates a balancing left/right brain synchronization. Meditating on the subtle sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl tunes one into the universal sound within. 

In addition to their traditional usage for meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing, and World music. The rich blend of harmonic overtones that the bells produce have a direct healing affect upon one's chakras. 

Material: Bronze alloy containing copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold and nickel
Contains: Rods + Bowl

Imported and crafted by local artisans in the spiritual heart of Tibet

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Delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks imported from Tibet.